We have come up with many use cases where sales person wants to see real-time shipping costs either on opportunity or Quote. Salesforce out of the box doesn’t provide integration with Shipping carriers and all external plug-in has their own standard flow of calculating rates and then printing shipping labels which don’t always work or require more steps to find the shipping cost.

Astonous Shipping Manager is fully customizable along with standard flow so customers can customize the app based on their needs by calling global methods. Here are steps for a simple use case where customers want to see all shipping options and cost in real-time from FedEx, UPS, USPS, or any other carrier on click of a button and then apply it to Opportunity.

  1. Create Apex class:- Apex Class to call Astonous Shipping Manager Global method to calculate rate by passing information of Recipients, sender, and package details.
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    1. Create a Lightning component to show a real-time rate response
    2. Create a lightning button to call the lightning component and show shipping rates in real-time.

    You can download a working example from the following git repository and modify it according to your needs.