Calculate Shipping Rates

Integrate Salesforce with FedEx, UPS and USPS

Multi-Carrier Shipping App for salesforce to create Shipments, Compare Shipping Rates and schedule pickups all within Salesforce.

    1. Create Shipping Labels and Estimate Shipping cost
    2. Shipment Pickup Management
    3. Shipment Automatic Tracking:
    4. Drag & Drop tracking component for real-time tracking data.



Create Shipments

Create Shipment

Generate shipping labels from any object. You can search recipient across any object in salesforce

Track Shipments

Automated Tracking

Shipping status is automatically updated every hour. Send branded tracking emails and expose shipment updates via Communities or Commerce Cloud.

Get Shipment Rates

Rating / Quoting

Calculate rates from any object and compare rates before creating shipments.

Realtime tracking

Realtime Tracking

Calculate rates using triggers or process builder on any object. Automatically add shipping cost line items to your Orders, Quotes or our using our Salesforce CPQ shipping quote integration.

Return Shipments


Generate Return Labels from  cases or any other object) Track returns in real-time..

Reports and Dashboard

Reports and Dashboard

All shipments inomfration is stored in Salesforce so you can leverage Salesforce Reports and dashboard capabilites.

Supported Carriers

Calculate Shipping Rate


Astonous Shipping Manager allows you to calculate shipping rate quickly on Opportunity, Quote or any other standard object Custom Object. You configure what are fields that hold shipment information and you will get realtime shipping rates from FedEx, UPS and USPS on one button click.

  1. Calculate Shipping Cost in realtime from FedEx, UPS and USPS
  2. Place Calculate shipping button on any Standard or Custom object and configure field mapping for the recipient address.
  3. Apply Shipping Cost to update shipping feed field or create shipping cost line item.


Calculate Shipping Rates

Create and Manage Shipment within Salesforce

Astonous Shipping Manager is a Multi-Carrier Shipping App that integrates FedEx, UPS, USPS with Salesforce to manage the shipment. It is Salesforce Fedex Integration Application along with supporting other carriers like UPS, USPS, Toll and EasyShip.

Instantly Compare Shipping Rates and Create Shipments
  1. Generate FedEx, UPS and USPS Shipping Labels from Account, Opportunity, Order or any Salesforce object
  2. Calculate shipping rates on any object.
  3. Auto-fill shipment information to save time
Shipment Pickup Management
  1. Auto-fill pickup information from pre-defined preference/pickup locations.
  2. Check pickup availability.
  3. Schedule pickups.
  4. Cancel pickups.
Shipment Tracking
  1. Drag & Drop tracking component for real-time tracking data.
  2. Automatic shipment tracking.
  3. Show real-time shipment tracking to Salesforce communities Users (Customers or Partners).


    Track shipments in Salesforce

    Track Shipment in Realtime

    1. Automated Shipment status update
    2. Add shipment tracking capabilities on any custom and status object.
    3. Add real-time tracking component on any custom and standard object.

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